Cleaner Seas Group


Microfibres are in the water we drink, the food we eat and the air we breathe

Our mission is to remove the microplastic pollution that now pollutes all the natural cycles of our Planet.

Cleaner Seas Group are developing technology that removes microplastic from the land, sea and air and that can be used universally.

By using our products you can be a part of the solution in tackling plastic pollution.

We believe that we can benefit our natural environment. By removing microplastic from the world’s water cycle. Improving human health by reducing microplastic ingestion and inhalation while encouraging and empowering consumers to make positive change for the environment.

Microplastic pollution is challenging to clean up simply because it’s so small. Cleaner Seas Group has brought together environmental, technology and business experts to deliver solutions to address some of the worst microplastic pollution issues.

Born from the grassroots we understand and engage with communities, organisations and businesses about the environmental catastrophe the Planet is facing and we’re investing to deliver solutions.


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