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Retro-fit microfibre filter for washing machines

indikon-1 is a simple, affordable way to help protect the world's oceans from microplastic pollution. indikon-1 washes out microfibers from your clothing in the wash, preventing them from ending up in our oceans.


Supercharge your washing machine for a brighter future

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Cleaner Seas Indikon-1 is our retro-fit microfibre filter for washing machines. Easily fit the filter to your washing machine and let Indikon-1 do the rest, capturing up to 90% of microfibres in your wash including the tiniest microfibres down to 1 micron.

We believe in circularity, which is why our microfibre filter has a returnable cartridge.

Your filter will arrive with a cartridge installed and one spare. After approximately 100 washes the indicator light will tell you that you need to change your cartridge.  Pop the fresh cartridge into your filter and send the full one back to us. We’ll harvest the microfibres and refurbish the cartridge ready for it to be used again.

Indikon-1 can be positioned to work with your laundry room set up, on top of your washing machine, in a cupboard or on a shelf above or beside.

This is an easy way for our household to make a difference and stop plastic pollution. We all rely on clean seas.
Kate Colwill

Set up 1 - Counter Top

Place on top of your washing machine or on your countertop above your washing machine.  

Set up 2 - Cupboard

Place in a cupboard beside your washing machine

Set up 3 - Under sink

Place in your under-sink cupboard beside your washing machine. 

Cartridge refill subscriptions coming soon

Circularity is essential to solving the plastic pollution crisis.  At Cleaner Seas we use a returnable cartridge system and as part of that will be offering a subscription service where you will be able to buy our refurbished cartridges at a discounted rate.  

Get to know Indikon-1

  • Width250mm

  • Height165mm

  • Depth229mm

  • Socket requiredNo

  • Batteries4x AA

In a spin

According to the “NFWI in a spin” campaign, most washed items contain more than 30% synthetic fibres and households are doing 2.5 loads of washing per week - the equivalent to 68 million loads of washing nationally. This indicates that at least 9.4 trillion microplastic fibres could be released per week in the UK.

Installing Indikon-1 couldn't be easier

We've designed Indikon-1 to be easy to use.  Once unpacked simply fit the waste water pipe from your washing machine to the filter and use the pipe provided to run back into your waste water plumbing.  

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