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Indi™ Filter FREEPOST Cartridge Return Request Form

Returning your used Indi™ Filter cartridges is as easy as 1,2,3...

1. Fill out the return form below and we will send someone to collect your parcel. We will advise on a 3hr collection time slot. The collection driver will have a label to attach and we will email you the FREEPOST label too if you want to print + stick it on in advance. 

2. What to do with your old cartridge before you send it: Once the old cartridge is removed from your Indi™ filter ensure that it is dry before placing in return packaging (we suggest just leaving it on some kitchen towel or toilet paper to gently dry).
Top Tip:  Your NEW cartridge box works best for packing and sending.

3. Packing your cartridge up: Pop your used, dry Indi™ cartridge into the box your new one arrived in. Make sure this is sealed securely. Put your provided FREEPOST sticker on the front of the packaging either before your driver arrives or using the label they provide. 

Any issues at all please contact our customer services team at

Thank you so much for returning your cartridge and being part of the solution. Order more cartridges HERE.

Any problems with your return pls contact us HERE

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