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Indi™ is the most effective, simple and mess-free home microfibre filter, capturing even the tiniest clothing fibres and stopping them from entering the ocean, marine life and our food chain.

Indi™ employs a recyclable, easy-change cartridge system and simply plugs into any front-loading home washing machine set-up and is made from recycled plastic!

NO mess, NO fuss, NO waste to landfill!

Indi™ is a beautiful little addition to your household, creating Cleaner Seas™ with every wash.

Microplastics in our Oceans

Every time you wash your clothes up to 700,000 microfibres enter our waterways.That adds up to an average of 91,000,000 microfibres leaving every single home, every year.

This is a HUGE problem.

These microfibres are a form of microplastic pollution headed straight out to our oceans impacting ecosystems, marine life and our food chain. 

It’s time to #TurnTheTide on microfibre pollution.

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Indi™ is the Solution

The Indi™ ground-breaking filter system is a real solution in the fight against microfibre pollution.

Indi™ empowers us all to make a difference every time we wash our clothes. By plugging in a home microfibre filter we can all play our part in the future health of people, ocean and planet.

Watch our video and learn more about our microfibre problem and 
Cleaner Seas™ revolutionary solution.

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Indi™ Set-Up Options

Your Indi™ filter location will be based on your current washing machine wastewater set up.
Before installing, check how you're set up, which is typically either in a standpipe or an under sink system and watch the relevant installation guide video

Meet The Team

Established in 2017, we are a team of designers, innovators and conservationists working together for Cleaner Seas™.

Our goal is to rid the world of ocean pollution.

The first mission is tackling microplastic pollution and you can all be a part of the solution.

The Crew

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