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The Future Filter

Groundbreaking Fibre Capture Technology.

Indi™ is a simple home retrofit microfibre filter employing a 
ground-breaking cartridge capture system.

So How Does it Work? 

Indi™  easily plugs into your home system by diverting your washing machine wastewater through the filter. The wastewater then enters the filter and passes through the patented Cleaner Seas™ cartridge system. This captures all the microfibres. Down to as small as 1 micron. All fibres are collected; whether plastic, cotton or any other material. The filtered wastewater then exits the filter, passing the 'cleaned' wastewater into the original washing machine drainage system. 

Inside each Indi™ filter is a spool of microfibre collecting filter paper. Our in-built sensor technology detects when each section of the cartridge filter paper is full and winds the filter paper along.This ensures that we keep capturing the most microfibres and that there is no blockage.

The cartridge contains enough filter paper to last an average of 100 washes based on an average household level of soiling and microfibre shed. Heavy soiling will mean the filter winds on more often and the cartridge lasts less washes. The same for low shed wash loads and light soiling can lead to far more than 100 washes per cartridge.

An intelligent LED warning light system on the front of your filter unit indicates when the cartridge or batteries need replacing and also the unlikely event of a filter unit fault. If the cartridge isn't replaced immediately the unit will stop collecting microfibre waste and will not prevent your washing machine from working.

Cartridges are easily changed by opening up the lid of the Indi™ filter unit via the two side clasps and the front catch allowing access to remove the used cartridge and replace with a new one. Replacement cartridges are delivered with a freepost label to send your used cartridge for refurbishment and microfibre harvest and recycling.

Once the cartridge is loaded and the lid securely shut Indi™ then starts the process of microfibre capture again.

It really is that simple. 

Indi™ filter users simply capture their microfibre pollution in the sealed Cleaner Seas™ cartridge and can rest assured Cleaner Seas Group™ will dispose of it responsibly.

After approximately 100 washes the cartridge full indicator light will illuminate to tell you that you need to change your cartridge. Order a new cartridge HERE and pop your used/full cartridge in a box (making sure it’s dry first), stick on your free-post label and post it back to us. We’ll harvest the microfibres and refurbish the cartridge ready for it to be used again. 

Returning your used Indi™ Filter cartridges is as easy as 1,2,3...

1. Fill out the return form here and we will send someone to collect your parcel. We will advise on a 3hr collection time slot. The collection driver will have a label to attach and we will email you the FREEPOST label too if you want to print + stick it on in advance. 

2. What to do with your old cartridge before you send it: Once the old cartridge is removed from your Indi™ filter ensure that it is dry before placing in return packaging (we suggest just leaving it on some kitchen towel or toilet paper to gently dry).
Top Tip:  Your NEW cartridge box works best for packing and sending.

3. Packing your cartridge up: Pop your used, dry Indi™ cartridge into the box your new one arrived in. Make sure this is sealed securely. Put your provided FREEPOST sticker on the front of the packaging either before your driver arrives or using the label they provide. 

A Truly Circular System

Our mantra at Cleaner Seas™ is No mess, No fuss, No waste to landfill. We always wanted to create a solution that was not only as simple as possible for every washing machine owner to install and operate but also be as circular as possible.

At Cleaner Seas™ we believe in circularity, which is why the Indi™ filter unit is:

Made from 75% recycled plastic.

Low energy use.

Utilises a free, returnable cartridge system. 

Catches microfibres in a sealed, easily returnable cartridge. 

Employs a system that enables microfibre harvest and repurpose.

Is recyclable at end of life.

No mess, No fuss, No waste to landfill. 

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